How It Works

i2 PARK is an advanced solution for efficient management parking, modular, scalable and the web, that integrated into the tool 2 management areas: technical facilities (lighting, extraction, etc.) and parking spaces, allowing us to optimize their exploitation and increase profitability del Parking.

The system relies on the use of devices (sensors and indicators) Wireless; each device group, link to a controller or Gateway, through which is integrated in the red Ethernet with i2 server-PARK. The server can be installed Local remotely and is accessible through Internet (tablets, smartphones…) to monitor and interact on the system.

The sensors detect the status of parking spaces and transmit this information to the controller, activating the LED status indicators with the corresponding color square; no installation is required and the status LED may be displayed on the Internet. The server continuously monitors the status of devices, sending an automatic warning on failure.

Sensors can also technical control facilities (lighting ...).

I2-PARK is a solution modular and scalable; can be constructed with the following modules:

· Signaling seats: sensor set-indicator, operates autonomously without control equipment.

· Guided: state is centralized and activated spaces led displays areas with seats.

· Monitoring web: only requires wireless sensors and controllers; you can see the parking situation via web.

· Reserve and assignment of places; through the web or smartphones.

· Function 'Find Your Car': allows the user to locate your car, simply entering the number of square, a map showing the way to the square.

· Energy Management: lighting control and other facilities in terms of occupation and movements in the parking.

· Integration of facilities; centralized facilities management techniques to optimize.


I2-PARK software recorded in the database of the parking activity, in order to recover historical data via a query panel, with different types of filters as slots, areas and parking places, etc..

Finally, may integrare varios parking, so that the user can access through a portal to information availability at different locations.